Re-Launch Part 2

Whatever you want to call it; a horrible sequel, relaunch, relaunch part 2 let’s just say this part of my writing journey has been both grueling, exciting, and overwhelming. As many of you may know the first launch didn’t go to plan, and I had to reformat not only the paper copy but the eBook as well. This took a few weeks and pushed back release big time. But alas, we are here!!

I can’t thank all of you enough who have stayed by, checked on the process, and looked into how everything has been going. God bless you, and may God keep you! A few fun facts that kept me sane:

  • I’m not alone in the matter as this has happened to plenty of authors
  • The support of all of you kept a smile on my face, and people asking when it will be released!!
  • The delay helps line up the release of book 2 in close proximity (So keep a look out)

I would add that I’ve been drinking (I’ve been dry since COVID kicked off), actively knocking back protein shakes and shake-ology. And maybe I’ve ranted about this before but not having a gym sucks! Good ole Shaun-T has been keeping me toned and the stress levels down, for the most part anyway.

For those of you reading this feel free to check out my other blogs, add me on Facebook or twitter! XBOX Live if you dare (Grimace21)! May 15, 2020 is the big day. Titans: The Rise of Legends will be available for pre order hopefully by this evening or tomorrow (May 12th) but I’m at the whim of Amazon. Once I get word, I will let everyone know for sure!!

But to everyone who has been patiently waiting, thank you again for your support! Finally, we’ve come to the release of Book NUMBA one. Book 2 I’m making great strides and once I get it off to my editor, I will began working on book 3. Checkout the website, don’t forget to subscribe!!


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