Post Launch…WOW!

So, the madness that is releasing a novel has subsided and I’m finding myself getting back to some sort of normal with my life. Eleven days out and I’m still doing a lot of advertisement and tweaking my strategy as I move forward with everything.

The awesome part is seeing the huge support network and people highly interested in my novel. The fan art has been amazing to see, and I appreciate the artists for doing them, it’s been an awesome ride, and I’m sure it’s going to be the same for the rest of the releases as well.

So…what’s next?

  • I’ve been working on the first round of edits with my editor for book 2 and hope to have them back to her soon. My goal is to release on July 31, 2020…and then I think about how book 1 got pushed out. Lessons learned but we will see.
  • Cover reveal for book 2 coming soon!!! Excited for everyone to see, and the cover definitely gives a feel for where the story leaves off, and where things are heading. My editor loves, so I’m stoked.
  • Working on some additional Works in Progress (WIPs) and also waiting for Joshua this coming September, I know Steph is for sure!!

What have I been up to since launch?

            -Chilling and spending time with family for the most part. Isaiah had his 3rd birthday on one of the most detrimental holidays the country has next to the 4th of July, which is Memorial Day. Took him fishing for the first time, and he stuffed his face with blueberry cupcakes till there was no tomorrow. Of course, he was at 100 the entire rest of the evening, thank you Alyssa! But it was a blast and he had a great time.

Keep checking on the website and remember to check me out on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram reach out. I hope everyone is doing well, and you and your families are blessed by God the highest!

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