Life and times of the Lloyd’s

6am wake up? Check! Let Caesar out to do his doggy duties? Check! And rock, paper scissors with Stephanie to see who wakes up Izzy to get him ready for school. Mornings in the Lloyd house I would say are quite the sitcom, especially when you have a wife who HATES…and I mean Hates waking up in the morning, and a two year old—who sometimes wakes up at 530am and pounds on the door like he’s the police. This guy (Isaiah E. Lloyd) holds no bars and has on occasion frightened us half to death with his pounding on the door.

                Side story: Before we moved, we used to leave his door cracked open, and our door partially closed. This changed QUICK. One night while obviously taken capture by rim sleep, this guy, bursts into our room, slamming our door nearly through the wall, with the only word grazing his lips. “HI…HI MOMMY!” Who does this? Side story over

                So, after the hustle and bustle of work, and daycare A.K.A school with Izzy. On normal days daddy is the one picking him up. And we spend our evening Dad and son time listening to some motivational videos or scripture readings. Then we return to the humble abode we call the Lloyd house, where a scrumptious, delightful, and well-seasoned meal is waiting for the Lloyd men, thanks to mama Lloyd in all her culinary genius. (Will add her recipes soon if she allows!!). Now dinner at the Lloyds, is very laid back. If Stephanie and I are having a conversation, OBVIOUSLY Izzy’s involved in it. Because he knows everything about paying bills, car repairs, and getting the yard plowed. He becomes an expert when spiderman’s mentioned…because you guessed it, he IS spiderman. Where does this guy find the time right?

                After dinner we spend family time watching one of the many streaming services we have acquired over the years—of which we need to decide on who’s getting the boot, and who’s making the cut. A few dirty diapers, and a protein shake later we put a cap on the day. Well if Izzy wants to go to bed anyways. Stephanie and I usually spend the evening reading (Or writing for me), as we have a competition on who can read the most books in a year. She’s crushing me unmercifully currently due to my writing schedule. But I’ll catch up.

                Someday’s are more exciting then others in the Lloyd house, but all days are well blessed, filled with love, and humor on a grand scale. That’s it for now on, the life and times of the Lloyd’s.

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