Launch Week is Here!!!

April 24th is right around the corner, and launch week is a lot more overwhelming then expected…wish somebody would’ve warned me. I plan on reaching out to those of you on my mailing list come this Wednesday. I’ll also be hitting up my twitter peeps, and those of you on my Facebook page!! But WHOA!!! Working from home with a two-year-old bouncing off the walls, has been quite the experience to say the least! Not to mention (But I’m going to anyway):

  • Preparing ads
  • Sending out the first five chapters for those who requested
  • Getting all publishing platforms in line (damn you apple!!)
  • Setting up book reviews and working with bloggers
  • Again, setting up book reviews (Book reviews are as good as tender for indie authors, a few lines and stars can boost momentum!! Not to mention hearing that someone likes your work is pretty satisfying.)

But at the end of it all by this coming Friday I will have released my first novel, so, i’m climbing to the summit. At the same time, I have a few deadlines to meet especially with book 2 Titans: Dark Catalyst (DC) that needs to get sent to my editor by the 11th of May, so everyday I’m either writing, going through my draft, or both.

Progress is being made, but there are some changes for the release date for DC. I plan on doing a cover reveal either at the end of May or early June but more to come on that!!! To tell you quite honestly DC’s cover looks ridiculous (I mean that in the best way possible) My cover designer PAGANUS at 99 designs is incredible and exceptionally talented! An absolute mind reader…seriously!!

The biggest conflicts are the delays, which really can’t be helped due to the current COVID19 environment forcing me to push a few things to the right. But the goal of RELEASE 6 is still insight!

Stephanie and I have been talking and we need a vacation. One of the big reasons is the fact that we are expecting our SECOND little one this coming September, so again…remarkably busy. But we are so blessed, and to God be the glory for where he has us, and for where he’s taking us!!

To those who review my rambling, I thank you for following me on this journey and deeply appreciate your support and feedback!! I hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy, and staying inside!! God Bless you and God keep you!!

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