2021 Bust and Goals for 2022

Been a long time since I posted anything in the good ole blog, but after almost a year and a half I think I’m ready to dust off the keyboard and throw some love to those that check on me and the process!! Hi, hello, good evening, and or good morning!

Like all of you the last year and a half has been wild, an escapable rollercoaster of stress, challenges, overcoming, victories, losses, and short comings. I call it a season of testing and growth. The one thing I hang my hat on is God, and the fact that no matter what we go through, NOTHING is wasted. With that, what happened in 2021!

My goals for 2021 were quite ambitious I must say, I was excited in the beginning, and that quickly died out due to a mixture of being overworked, exhausted with lack of sleep (New baby), and the stressors of the current environment. Not an excuse, just is what it is. I was able to release COLD BLOODED ORPHANS, and REVELATION this year, so not all hope was lost. But not what I wanted. I had goals of releasing my Dystopian Novel Disciples of Revolution this year, along with Titans Afterlife, but  life she wasn’t having it  ‘She said there was no way’

But the craziness gave me some time to really plug away on the lore of the universes involved, the enemy backgrounds, plots, schemes, development of background characters and where I want to go with future books, so It wasn’t a complete loss!

My goals for 2022. I hope to release AFTERLIFE and the first book in the D.O.R Series maybe a few other works I may sneek in who knows. But I’m excited, I’m making good progress at this time, and hope to start showing some strong release dates for thee WIPS. I know a lot of people want to know the future Violet and the others. So be ready!