2020 Goals and Motivated to Succeed

Happy Saturday and many blessings everyone! I thought I’d discuss my goals for 2020 this week, as overwhelming and ridiculous as they may be!! So far I’m on track and things are looking great, but what’s helped make the journey to complete my goals…is strangely…not thinking about them?

So, what are my goals?

  • Have a website created prior to launch of ROL (Rise of Legends) …If you’re reading this then you know…DONE!!
  • Release ROL in April of 2020
  • Have cover designs ready to go for all novels (3 done so far…4th in the works)
  • Release 6 novels in 2020
  • Work on my social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram) I’m really struggling with Tumblr and Instagram…but gotta keep pushing.

Under Pressure

So, what do I mean by ‘not thinking about them’? I mean I try not to think about my goals all at once (easier said than done). It happens regardless…They’ll clash together in an explosive cataclysmic event of fire, earthquakes, and chaos. Sometimes I’ll hit the gym and gain my discipline and focus back, other times I’ll take my frustration out in COD. For the majority though I flood my mind with motivational videos and scriptures to keep the flow and energy going!!

For the most part my passion for the process and truly enjoying every step of my writing journey keeps me starving for success. That, and the continuous plots and story’s that pop into my head that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night (2am-3am…but hell, who’s keeping track of time?) to jot down in my cell phone. (Sorry Steph : ()!!) But I’m beyond excited, nervous, and humbled by every experience as I seek to hone my craft. Will I master it? Has Ash Ketchum caught them all?

At the end of the day I just seek to become better than I was yesterday. And hopefully produce stories that others enjoy and learn from.

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